Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Time


Today, Anna and I went to Preschool for an hour. Parents stayed, too, so that the kids could get used to things. They had calendar time and play time. She was very comfortable. Afterwards, a bunch of the kids and parents played together at Dairy Queen. Anna is going to have no problems leaving me and going to Preschool on Monday and Friday mornings from 9-11:30. Since she is so tall, she fit in just fine. The funny thing is that ALL the kids have really blond hair and then there is Anna. What are the odds in a class of 15 that they are all light headed??? I am hoping to talk Anna into taking her smaller backpack next Friday since today's backpack was bigger than her!
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Soccer Season

Fall Soccer has started once again and Brandon had a great game. It was very hot and it really wore him out. He jumped right in the pool at his Grandparents' house after the game. Good game Brandon.



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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School Time!

The boys started school today for just a half day. Tomorrow will be a full day. They both seemed to enjoy their day and had a lot to talk about when they got home.
School Time Pics!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Anna's Antics!

I have written here before about Anna and her Antics! Well, after nap she was just being soooo sweet and cute. Then that 'look' turned into a little bit of a devlish look. It was cute, so I took some pictures of her running around. Minutes pass and then I find just WHAT she was doing. She had powder EVERYWHERE! Followed by lotion, too! Luckily the lotion was covering up the powder on her body and it was not on her bed or carpet like the powder. OH I know just WHAT she was plotting with the sweet little look. I was dying to take pictures of this little mess, but I did not want to justify what she had done, so here are the "before the mess" shots.

Anna is 3.5 years old today!

Hard to believe that my "baby" is 3.5 years old already. Time is going tooo fast with her. She has really shot up lately. Next week she will go to the dr. for a check up and I have a feeling I will be shocked at how many inches she has grown. And she has to be a few pounds heavier than 26, which she had been since last October. She has been eating like a horse this summer. She is becoming quite the young lady. Very independent in every thing that she does, too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rainy Day here!

Today Brandon asked me to tackle he and Logan's room. They wanted it cleaned and rearranged. What a job, but I can say it is done and dust free again. I need to work on the closet, but I am pooped!

My mom had her hysterectomy on Tuesday and so far things have been going well. She might get to come home tomorrow.

Froggy FUN!
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday I took pictures of Myah and Jesse.Myah is from our China travel group and the same orphanage and she is just a few days older than Anna. Anna towers over Myah, though and it is fun to watch the girls together. We had fun swimming after the hot photoshoot.
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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hot, Hot Day!

One fish, two fish, dead fish!

We set up a new 10 gallon aquarium a few days ago. The first fish died the second day and another one bit the dust today. Must be the fish. Our PH levels and ammonia were fine, so I have no idea why the tetras aren't surviving. We are wondering how many more of the 5 fish we will have to flush. Anna cracked up today when we flushed the second. She thought it was so funny to put a fish in the toilet.

OOPS...5 minutes after I posted this the third fish died! Two left to go! I am going to call the aquarium store now.

What a week!




The flower picture is to brighten up this week of ick!

Things are a bit NUTS here! Last week we found out that my mom will be having a hysterectomy in a couple weeks. Hopefully they will find no cancer. It will be hard for her to not be able to drive, etc. for so long. She likes to keep busy. Then my Grandma has cysts on her kidneys, but the tests came back ok on that. To top the week off, I received the letter for JURY DUTY. Not conveinent any time for a Stay at home mom! At least the boys will be in school and my neighbor is helping out with Anna and Barry's parents will help as they can. Oh....and I have to have a ROOT CANAL next week!

On a good note, Logan did a wonderful job singing at church on Sunday at our parents' church. Both boys will sing at our church in a quartet this Sunday. Also, all 3 kids have been going to VBS at our parents'. Anna really wanted to go and the age range started at 4 years old. They said she could come and she has done wonderful there. So, Barry and I have had from 6-8:15 every night since Sunday together with no one interrupting us. We even took a walk, just the 2 of us.
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