Wednesday, February 25, 2009






What a few days it has been! Anna got the flu on Friday, so I missed Logan's big show. Luckily Barry went with all our parents and he got a DVD so I could see it. Her flu was short-lived. I was unlucky enough to get it in the night on Sunday and was very sick until about 2 pm Monday. I am still puny.

Had to add a few pictures. I love the one of Anna and Brandon because I spontaneously found them playing Guess Who? Anna loves that game and as little as Brandon will admit...he really does enjoy playing these "baby" games as he calls them. It was a nice surprise to open the den door and see the two of them playing sooo nicely with each other! Anna has been playing that game a lot with everyone! She is also loving pick up sticks right now and even got the contractor man to play. She calls him Uncle Mike.

Speaking of the contractor man.....since we are selling the house soon, we decided to have Mike and his crew back to do knock down ceiling in the sunroom and also touch up a few places on the lovely popcorn ceiling. One thing leads to another and now my bedroom has been completely freed of any popcorn ceiling and is ready to be painted. The darn stuff just fell off everywhere and there was no choice. So, don't you love my sunroom that used to look so nice and clean?

So, we made an offer on a house last Thursday. Not the one I preoviously mentioned, though. I still love that one, too, but Barry liked the location of this one better. It is a newer area right off of Main St and we would still be very close to school and also his parents and the kids' friends. We got an offer back and now we wait and play the game. We look at another house tonight, so who knows. I think we will put a sign in our yard on Monday or Tuesday. I am really not wanting to do that until we have a contract, but Barry really wants that sign in the yard, so.....we'll see.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Way to go Logan!!

Logan won "Best Male Soloist" at the last competition.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Anna!





Well, now Anna can say she made it to the thumb! She marched down the steps today declaring she can now show her whole hand when people ask how old she is. She is a hoot today. She was just getting out of the bathtub with her swimsuit on! She was playing with a new mermaid barbie that has color changing hair. Not sure why she wanted the suit on, but is her day!

We celebrated yesterday with a McDonald's party with all of her best buddies and last night with her Grandparents. She was excited about the whole day!

Today we are off to have the Chinese Restaurant since Justin is off of school and then Anna will go to preschool. Just another busy day being 5!
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Hunt


We had our annual Valentine's Day Hunt yesterday. It all started YEARS ago when Logan was into watching Blue's Clues. The kids really look forward to this each year. Even when you are almost 13! We had a nice hunt and ended the evening with a big rib fest with Barry's parents at our house.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did we find THE ONE?

I think we found a house to make an offer on. It has been for sale for a while, but we didn't know about it since it is by an owner and it is hidden away a bit. It has a lot of space and bedrooms for each of the kids. Logan staked his claim to the HOT PINK bedroom that has a walk in closet and its own TANGERINE bathroom with zebra shower curtain. This family has 2 girls and they went nuts with paint, but hey...we have 2 green walls and 2 orange walls in the boys' lizard room, so....I can't say much! I am sure that Anna will gladly want that room in just 5.5 years when Logan goes to college, though. It has a bonus room above the garage and TONS of storage in the basement and a rec room and extra room down there. And we love that it is on a cul de sac like we are used to!

Brandon is excited because a few boys his age live in that area. A cutie that is in his class lives around there, too, but he doesn't seem to excited to live by Erin. Works for me! His friend, Chase, lives on the road, too. And there is a few younger girls in the area for Anna to play with that we know, too. The streets are crappy over there because they are not Mt. Zion Streets and that area just doesn't seem to have a clue about streets or something, though.

There is a bar area in the basement, so Barry seems certain that it will host his gazillion Schmidt Beer items nicely. Barry's high school buddy and college roomate lives in the adjacent subdivision, so I am sure that it will be nice for them to see each other more often.

The thought of keeping the house in tip top shape all the time gags me, but it is just part of the game we are playing, right?

So, anyway...who knows what will happen at this point, but we do seem to like the house.