Monday, December 25, 2006

New Christmas 2006 Photoshow

We have had a wonderful Christmas so far! The boys and Anna were all bursting with Christmas excitement! Yesterday we spent the day at Barry's parents house and the kids always have a blast playing with their cousins and opening gifts. Last night we went to the church that Barry parents and my parents all go to. Logan sang "Sweet Little Jesus Boy". Anna was noisy, so she and Mommy had to leave, but we did sneak in the choir room to hear Logan sing. He has a wonderful voice...and so does Brandon!

Santa came today and, of course, we were up at 6:00 to see what he left. Anna stayed asleep until 7:30-7:45 and I wasn't about to wake her up. She was very tired from being up late and her stuffy nose isn't helping things. She was very excited to see what Santa had brought, too. We had my parents and Grandma over here for Brunch. They brought the boys a giant game table. Air Hockey is my favorite!

After Anna's nap we went to my parents house and finished up celebrating with them and also my sister and Paul. The kids never did seem to tire of opening gifts and Logan is already plotting how to spend some of the money he received from all of his Grandparents. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate the delicious cake that Brandon and his Grandparents made for Jesus' birthday. YUM!

We are pooped and my house is completely trashed. Darn... Santa didn't leave a certificate for a maid to come in and clean! It will be in a state of chaos now for a while, but the kids will enjoy playing with their new toys, etc. The house can wait!

Happy Holidays! It is chilly here, but certainly not a white Christmas! It is spitting a tad bit of rain and since it is about 33 degrees, who knows.....maybe some white snow will appear and stick.

Here is a photoshow with pics from yesterday and today.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Can you believe it?

It will not be a white Christmas this year...that is for sure! It was 53 degrees yesterday and it felt a little odd to be seeing Santa! We thought we better get that in. Brandon was getting a little worried about not getting his "list" to Santa yet. Even Logan humored me and sat on Santa. We thought that was the ONLY way little Anna would be interested. Anna did fine. Logan had quite a long list and Anna played shy and agreed that she would like a new doll for Christmas when Santa asked. Then she said a DORA. Her favorite.

Today's weather will be 56 and it is still a blizzard out in Colorado!

53 Degrees and seeing Santa! NO SNOW HERE!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter has officially arrived!

What a night! We did not get much snow, but we had the wind and freezing rain. No school today, so the kids have already been out in it. We lost power for a while in the night, but luckily we have it now....unlike my sister and thousands of others. It is supposed to be very windy again tonight and cold. YUK! Luckily Barry returned home from work at 10:30 am when the lobby's of the Credit Unions all closed. Is Spring here yet??

December 1, 2006 Snow Day!