Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boating Day


We all had a good time Monday on the Lake. We rented a pontoon with my parents for all day and Julie and Paul and the kids joined us for half of the day. When we woke up that day to storms we were worried about having bad weather all day, but the weather was perfect ALL day. We lucked out.
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Happy 45th!




My parents celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary last weekend. Logan sang a special song for them at their church and Brandon played piano during the coffee hour....and Anna played her one song she knew, too. We had a nice lunch at my house after church.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun With Cousins


Nolan and Faith were here for a couple of days. We went to our local pottery place with our church group and the kids had a blast. They already picked out a new project for when we have them at the end of the month for more days. We also went swimming and to the zoo to see Logan. Logan has been at a ZOO camp for 10 nights 5-8 and they were doing a fundraiser. The kids got to pet a bunch of critters that aren't normally out for $1.

Anna was very sad after Faith left. The girls really can have fun now that Anna is older. Anna was in tears and sad. She was also pretty exhausted. I think she realizes the "China" connection that the two of them have.
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Jason Graduates


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Brandon goes to camp



Brandon went to camp recently from a Thursday afternoon until Saturday around 6. He and Alan had a blast and wished they could go for a week. The week long camps were full, though, very early in the spring.
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Barry Turns 40!




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Barry turned 40 recently. His employees decorated his office. The kids and I gave him a pool stick for his birthday. He recently took $7 from his dad while using it, so it must be a good one.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Still fits


A couple Sundays ago, Anna wanted to wear the flower girl dress that she wore last year to my sister's wedding. Still fits. Just a lot shorter now.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!





The pool is opened at Barry's parents. is cold now, but won't take long to warm up. We had Barry's parents over one night for ribs and some beautiful (but chewy) fruit pizza! The humming birds have returned again. LOVE watching them.
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Anna's teacher


We LOVE Anna's teacher, Mrs. Warren. She is fabulous. It seems sad to think that my last has gone through her class. The boys also did great in her class! What a great teacher!
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Grandma's Birthday



My mom had a birthday party at her house for my Grandma Weber. Happy Bday!
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Swimming with school



Anna's class when swimming for a week. She loved it. She didn't really like wearing a floatie on her back since she is part mermaid, but I assured her it was for her own safety from the non-swimmers. LOL!
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One more


I have had fun getting all the flowers planted. Just seeing what I can NOT kill is a challenge, but so far, so good. Only one thing isn't doing very well. The deck is complete SUN and very HOT all day until about 4:30pm. We eat outside as much as we can. I got a chandelier and you can't really see it since the candles aren't in right now. We have spent the last few nights with the candles lit when it gets dark. The kids love it. I added some curtains, too, but I still can't get them pulled back like I want. Need help! I think I need to sew a pull back that is longer or something.
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Deck Fun!





We have been enjoying our deck a lot this Spring. Barry and I took a day to stain it since it was desperately needing it. First we replaced the boards at teh top of the pergola. Looks nice now, even though Barry wasn't really wanting to do it this year. He is glad we did, though. Thanks, honey.
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Teeth came out today


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DOUBLE BONUS! DOUBLE they say in TOY STORY 2! The kids all had check ups at the dentist today. NO CAVITIES for anyone. Well, except LJ who has one needing fixed still from before. Good appts. Anna had to have her bottom teeth "helped out". CUTE! She is feeling a little discomfort now, though, but went to bed just fine. The Tylenol had kicked in. Hopefully tomorrow will be ok!

Logan's end of year

Logan's 8th grade year ended with his Scholastic Bowl Team going to Regionals and Sectionals. He also got a Presidential Award for his grades at the awards ceremony. His Show Choir ended the year performing at Dinner Theater and also a end of the year show.Don't you love the girls' make-up and big hair? Logan's girlfriend recently moved and he has been a bit down lately.

End of school year

Many things kept us all busy at the end of the school year. The Mother's day Banquet at Mom's church and Anna's Program were a couple. Anna's program was about occuupations and she was a dancer.