Sunday, March 14, 2010

This weekend


This weekend we went to another one of Logan's competitions. The group got second place and Logan did a great job on his solo.
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Fun weekend!




Last weekend Anna and I headed to visit some of her China friends. Three of the girls were in her orhanage in Guiping City, Guangxi (Carly, Kailee and Claire) and Karli is a buddy whose family also used Lifelink (from Guizhou). The mom's had a blast and so did the girls. It was like the girls have known each other forever. We hadn't seen Claire for 1.5 years, but it didn't matter. The girls just picked up right where they left off. We do get to see Kailee, Carly and Karli more often. I go to Marco with their mom's.

Anyway....we hung out at the hotel, ordered Chinese food, swam and did crafts. Claire didn't sleep over and the girls missed her. The next day we went to the mall and the girls made Bunny's at Build a Bear.

All in all a wonderful weekend with friends.
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