Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy thoughts for Logan's Surgery!


We finally got word that Logan is good to go for tomorrow's bilateral foot surgery. We were getting worried about the timing. Friday he had bloodwork and a physical and a heart murmur was found. So more testing was required to clear him for surgery. We got word in the LAST hour possible today that he is fine and can go to the hospital at 6am.


On a side note...I am completely grossed out at the dead rabbit that the cat has brought me as payment! Remember...this is the cat that adopted US and I have been ONLY feeding it since last summer. What was I thinking?!? It was skin and bones last year when it came to us. Well, it apparently goes all over the neighborhood to visit and sits like a lioness at other people's houses, too. It is a pretty cat. It has brought dead bunnies (this one is TINY), birds and mice a few times. YUK....I get that it is happy that we feed it, but at least finish them off and not leave them in HALF outside my patio door. Today, there sits a dead tiny bunny with no head and the rest of a body and lets not forget the eyeball that is still there. Anna ask me if she could pray for the dead bunny and then she did. IT was quite sweet. Then she asked if she could help me shovel it to a better place.

Hope you weren't just eating a meal while reading this.

Anyway...say some prayers for Logan and his recovery. Two weeks no walking or bearing weight on feet, no showers...yuk...and will have to wear the giant boots for 2 weeks then and then at least 2 more.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Run, Brandon, Run!


Brandon was in a 5K (3.1 miles) on Saturday at his old school for Charity. He ran it in just over 25 minutes and got second in his age group. The boy that one ran it in 21 min and trains for these things. Brandon hasn't had any training, so I though he did great. The weather was horrible! It was spitting rain and mist and freezing cold! Not a great day to be a spectator!

Today he had Track and Field Day at school and was so excited to do a few events. He came in second in one of the events, so he was excited! Last night, just for fun, he wanted to run a couple more miles. He settled for one, though. He had already run a mile in PE that day. He is hooked. I see him in Track and Field or Cross Country in 7th grade. Too bad they don't have more for his age. If you live around here and have any ideas on running for a 10 year old, please let me know.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day at the Park




We met my parents, Grandma and my sister at Allerton Park. It was a fun day being together. We froze to death at first. Poor Anna was in a dress and froze, but luckily I had grabbed an outfit at the last minute and threw it in the car. The sun finally came out after a while, thank goodness and we shed some coats, etc., but before that....BRRRRR.....it was a chilly picnic. I borrowed a wheel chair from church and Logan gladly got in it when Grandma wasn't.

By the way, does anyone know what the purple flowers are called??? I am dying to know!
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging friends. It is so nice to share this journey of parenting with you! I feel so blessed to be the mother of 3 wonderful kids. And I have a wonderful mom in my life that I love very much. We are spending Sunday with my mom and Grandma and my sister at the Botanical Gardens. It will be nice having all the generations together for a picnic and fun.

The kids got me these flowers.....although they were just as suprised by them as me....heee heeee.......
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Logan in Seussical Jr.




What a great show it was! The kids really didn't have very long to prepare for the show, but they did great. Logan was the Mayor and he is shown with his "wife". Way to go, Mayor! We are very proud of you!After the musical, the show choir did their competition show. Logan did a great job on his solo, but his voice is definately changing....much lower than a few months ago. He didn't do very many of the competition show songs since he feet were killing him. Surgery can't come soon enough. He should be OFF his feet all day tomorrow, but we are headed to a botanical gardens. We are at least taking the wheel chair for Logan or my Grandma to use.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Playground Fun

Anna and I headed to the new playground at the ZOO. She wanted me to take a bunch of pictures to show the Hamby's since they are hoping to move back to this area! Jessica (from Guangxi, too) and her mom met us, too. It was fun checking out the playground. It has a LOT of areas that are a bit toooooo high up for Anna, but it really didn't stop her at all!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Anna's preschool





The school year is coming to a close and Anna has had a wonderful preschool year.I cannot say enough wonderful things about her preschool. Tonight was open house and we and took a friend who is going to be teaching preschool next year. We took pictures of all the projects for her to get ideas from.The room was full of a ton of projects, charts, books, etc that the kids have done throughout the year. It is amazing what this place does in a year. I will be sad to see the year end, but I know that kindergarten will be much of the same for Anna. She has definately been prepared for kindergarten in the best way possible. Thank you Mrs. Harting and Mrs. Dodwell. Anna was so cute showing Brandon around the school and telling him all about the things she has done at school.
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Anna is a flower girl in my sister's upcoming wedding. The little ivory dress is just perfect on Anna!

Julie's shower


Saturday we had a shower for my sister. She and Paul are getting married on July 11. It was fun seeing all the cousins and aunts, etc. that we don't get to see very often.
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Grandma's bday party





After my sister's wedding shower, we all headed to the local Chinese Buffet for dinner to celebrated my Grandma's upcoming 83rd birthday.
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