Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We went to my Grandma's today and as we were leaving my Dad drove downtown. Mr. and Mrs. Claus were on the street corner waving, so we stopped by to tell them what was on the kids' lists. Logan didn't really want to. Anna asked for a trampoline....good luck with that one, sweetie! Brandon asked for a Zero Micro gravity car or something like that. Mrs. Claus had quite a spunk to her and asked if Logan was teetering toward the naughty list. She gave him a real talking to about his attitude and behavior. Pretty funny !
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Just one more.....

I know...a record number of posts.

I don't do Black Friday Deals ever. I stay home with the kids and Barry always has to work. Yesterday Brandon said at the last minute how he hated to ask for something for Christmas because he knew it was expensive. Well, I would say that $134 for a LEGO thing was expensive. I would NEVER pay that for something with a zillion pieces. However, because of, I saw that Walmart had it for only $50. HO HO HO! Since it was sold out online, Barry quick ran in and got it. NO lines, no and out and self checkout! Wooo hooo.

So......don't forget to check out the CATCH OF THE DAY from

Riding the Polar Express!

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A few months ago after Anna and I rode the "Little Engine that Could Train", I purchased tickets for the Polar Express. They sold like hotcakes and sold out fast. Logan said he didn't want to go, so it was just the four of us. They did a nice mix of the book and story. Brandon was ooohing and ahhhing over the hot chocolate dancers in red. What ARE WE going to do with that boy!?!? It was a nice evening of caroling, watching the dancers, riding the train and of course...seeing Santa. Brandon felt a little old for this trip, but the dancers made up for it. The train was packed and HOT. We really didn't need the hot chocolate, but it went with the story and the movie. FUN!

No school today equals fun day

The kids didn't have school yesterday, so after Logan was done setting up trees for the Boy Scouts, we picked up Justin for a play date. Anna and Justin enjoyed being in the sunroom playing "restaurant". I have been working on putting up decorations and trees while the kids have been home.
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Posted by PicasaWe have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 2008 has been a very busy and blessed year. We are lucky to have family living close to us and they all remained pretty healthy this year. Barry's dad continues to maintain good health and my parents and Grandma Weber are doing fine, too.

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house here in town. The boys enjoyed being outside and taking the traditional walk in the woods after finding just the perfect walking stick. I took pictures of my sister and her boyfriend since they are planning to get engaged soon. My parents also decided to do some pictures. They all turned out pretty darn good. My mom is like Brandon and is always photogenic...unlike ME!

Back from Chicago and to reality

I was only home a couple days from Marco Island before heading to Chicago for Barry's work conference. We were gone Nov 20-23. I actually got tired of shopping while Barry was at meetings. It was so nice to have uninterrupted dinner conversation with Barry for days on end. What a nice treat. We celebrated our 16th anniversary while we were there. Boy was it cold the first night. I think my body was in shock from just leaving Florida. Thanks to the parents and friends who helped with the Schmidt trio while we were away.

On Friday, in Chicago, I met up with Karyn from Lifelink. We had a nice visit and talked for a long time. On Saturday we had to go to a Christmas dinner for the Credit Union League. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and my hubby sure looked handsome!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to go home!

I am anxious to see Barry and the kids, but I do hate leaving this beautiful place. We fly out at 5:30 tonight, so I will get home around 10:30 to my house. Our 3rd annual Marco Great Escape was a wonderful as always. Thank you to Bill and Jo for allowing us to once again enjoy their slice of paradise! It is so nice being able to get away and relax and shop and just be with the gals! I will go home to some more unpacking of our house that was left just as the remodeling was coming to an end. However...I am only home 2 full days and head out from Thursday to Sunday for a work trip with Barry. I am sure that the kids won't like that, but since it involves sleepovers at my parents, they will be ok with that for sure! I just wish the trips were spaced out a little bit! Sorry, mom!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Today we took a break from frying in the sun and went shopping. It was still another HOT day here. Feels great, though. We are having a blast here! We shopped ALL day and had lunch at PF CHANGS....yum! Stein Mart was awesome. They will ship any items to your home for only $12! That is why the last picture seems bare...LOL! They are losing money on all of us, but it was well worth it. We shipped a TON of stuff that would have cost a fortune next door to them at the UPS place! I did some Christmas shopping today, too, and got some teacher gifts and my sister's gifts done!

I wish Lifelink Adoption knew the friendships that have been formed because of our trip to China. It is amazing.
Heidi...still miss you here. We really thought you might still show up! Seriously!

Usually I buy some things for the kids here, but so far....nope. Nothing. Not one single thing!

Tomorrow it is only supposed to be 70...I all don't feel sorry for us. We are heading to find some awesome seashells.
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Marco Mayhem!

Yesterday was another relaxing day at the beach and in the condo. I got a little fried. YIKES...the sun was HOT!

Today we are taking off and heading out to go shopping in Naples and who knows where else! The beach here is so unpopulated and quiet this time of year. The water is so calm it is like a Lake, too. Just beautiful. I LOVE waking up in the morning and opening the sliding doors in my bedroom here and just listening to the waves. We see the occasional dolphin, too, swimming below. This is mostly a retirement community, but Michelle said the beach is packed in the summer time. This is the perfect time to come, though....except for the fact that things have been so hectic at

By the way...I DID NOT bring my camera with me. Shocking...I know. I got to Michelle's and since she was taking her dad's little camera and Robin was bringing hers, I left my big one at home. I know you are all shocked. LOL!

Love and miss all at home. And yes, Heidi...we still miss you! It is so darn quiet here without you!!!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marco FUN!





We arrived in Fort Meyers yesterday and headed to Marco Island. Once on the island, we left our worries and cares behind! We didn't get to meet up with Robin in Atlanta for our final plane. She ended up being routed to Minneapolis after they cancelled her flight from Moline. We quick got some groceries before heading to the condo.

Wow...time to relax and enjoy it here. The weather was a nice and breezy warm 85. Quite warm here. We aren't complaining. We got up and headed to the beach after Michelle and I made some goodies to eat later on. Our "diet" here consists mostly of chips, dips (mostly with cream cheese or sour cream, of course) and the whiskey sour slushies and diet pop. We got hot at the beach and headed to the pool, which we hadn't done on our Marco trips before. Got to see a few lizards here and there on the sidewalks. They are so tiny. Heidi couldn't make it this year and we REALLY miss her!!!!

There are a zillion shells everywhere! Just anywhere you look and walk there are seashells. It is amazing. My kids would go NUTS seashell hunting since in Gulf Shores you can't really see a lot of shells.

Tonight we went out for Joey's Pizza and got to take Pappy's convertible. That was fun! Michelle said I could drive it but NO WAY was I going to drive that pretty little car and chance anything going wrong with it!

Thank you to Pappy and Jo for opening up their condo to us and allowing Michelle to bring us each November. The condo is so beautiful and cozy! Thanks, too, to my hubby back at home and my parents and in-laws for all their help while I am away. And to my friends who are helping with rides and also caring for the kids, too! THANKS!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Tomorrow I head to Marco and there is much to be done still around here. Usually I am packing the day before and continuing to organize things around here so I can be gone until late late Monday night. However, my house is still in total chaos and furniture is everywhere it shouldn't be. Everyone is home today for Veteren's Day, including Barry, and carpet will be installed in the family room. YEAH....almost done. I won't know what to do in a house with NO chaos! My parents came last night to help hang the curtains in the sunroom on the 6 sliding doors. THANK YOU! THANK YOU TO THEM any my hubby who remains ever so patient throughout all this! I asked Barry if he liked the curtains and his response is "IF YOU ARE HAPPY, HONEY, I AM HAPPY!" LOL!

And did I mention that little Brandon was diagnosed with STREP THROAT yesterday?? Yes..I am leaving at least one sick child at home. LOVELY. We caught it very early with Brandon and he is actually pretty spunky. I don't think that is the antibiotic talking, though. He was put on 5 steroids pills for CROUP, too. He was up by 6 today VERY VERY wired from the steroids.

I should finish packing today, but who has the time. I should do more laundry, but there is a BIG screen TV in my bathroom in front of the washer and dryer until the carpet is done.

CRAZY....WACKY.....CHAOS. But the beach awaits me and my girlfriends. THANK YOU, Jo and Pappy for letting us borrow your place for a few days.

Ironically, Michelle and Robin's houses are in chaos mode, too. Robin is moving and has been packing and moving things to her new house. And Michelle has had rooms in chaos, too, from carpet having to be restretched. We all need a vacation!

The chaos will still be here when I return.

Friday, November 07, 2008

New Glasses


Anna's eyes had been bothering her,so we got them checked. Her astigmatism is terrible and had gotten worse. Her frames were also too small. We didn't make it a year in the other ones. She picked out Pink Disney Princess glasses this time. I love the Disney frames. They are so well made and sturdy.
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Getting there!

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I am soooooo ready to head to Marco Island with Michelle and Robin. Heidi isn't able to make it this year. We will miss her terribly. Her son is almost 3 and last year at this time, she was awaiting his diagnosis for autism. She thought that she needed to stay home this year and take care of her family instead of heading to Marco. We will miss you, Heidi! Heidi adds such "spice" and fun to the trip! She is a real NUT!

The house projects are FINALLY nearing the end. Carpet was installed Tues in the Sunroom and the downstairs bathroom is finishing up and the carpet goes in downstairs in the family room on Tuesday. I leave Wednesday, so it is a hurry scurry to get things done. I will come home to unpacking boxes, etc, but oh well. I will be well rested and ready to go. Then 3 days later Barry and I head out for a work trip for him to Chicago for a few days. (a wife required event!)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fun outside





Anna and Brandon had fun playing in the leaves last weekend. Then we woke up a couple days later and she looked out the windows and screeched "OUR TREES ARE NAKED!".
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Monday, November 03, 2008

School pictures



Just posting Anna's preschool picture and Brandon's 4th grade school picture. I thought they were pretty good. I was impressed that the photographer didn't have glare in Anna's photo since that is hard and Brandon always takes a good picture. Logan's pictures were aweful. His usually are pretty good, but I will respect him and NOT post it here. I think I will try to get some Fall leaves pictures this weekend with Logan (if he is in the mood).
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Saturday, November 01, 2008

My vote for hubby!

I don't usually write stuff like this, but I am darn proud of my hubby! Plus...nobody in my town really reads this blog. It is not a secret or anything, we just usually don't share "job" stuff. Barry has been interviewing for a job at his Credit Union for months and sweating over it. He has also lost hours of thinking about it in terms of what he would do with his career if he didn't get the job. The current President at the Credit Union retires in March and Barry got the job! Way to go, Barry! He has worked at the Credit Union for 16 years and I am so proud of him. The bad part was that a good friend of ours that we have known forever did not get the job. She is a hard worker, too, and I hope she can stay there for the long haul with Barry since they make a good team.

We know nothing else. He hasn't even signed the contract yet since they are still writing it. The Credit Union has 4 branches and he has worked at 3 of the 4 throughout his career there in various jobs. He will most likely stay at the building he is currently in. I said...I am not one to brag and write stuff about jobs, but WAY TO GO, BARRY! You have worked so hard to get to where you are.

On a side note...I got a little job, too, when Anna goes to school. I have been asked countless times to work for our district in Special. Ed. and I have always continued to sub, saying that they can have me when Anna goes to school. Well, I really don't want full time teaching again, but have enjoyed the thought of 1/2 time or less. LOL! The head of the Special Ed has always said to let him know when I want to work on a regular basis. That is nice to know. I grew up here and my dad taught here for 34 years. And now we know that Barry and I will never leave here, so I am glad to know that I can work if I choose to in the future.

The Special Ed teacher is having a baby and wants me to do a maternity leave for a couple months when school starts, even though her baby is due late May or so. I told her I would do it IF I could share that leave with another gal that subs when I can't. This will give me some time to myself and not go nuts subbing each day. And maybe it will help Anna knowing that I am there each week some, too, as she starts kindergarten. She always says how I will be "OK" when she goes to kindergarten because I teach at that school and can have lunch with her while I am there. I really don't think I am ready to go into work daily, so this sounds great. I have started the year in this room before for 13 days a couple years ago and been in there a zillion other times, so it will hard work, but fun, too.

Halloween night!

My little goblins.

Story Time With were gettting pooped, but still wanted to pass out candy when the bell rang.
The 12 year olds loot. HOLY COW!

Whirlwind evening, as usual. I worked 1/2 day in Special Ed and then we headed out for the hunt...the hunt for candy that is! We picked up Justin since we had a good time wiht him along last year. We ate pizza and then headed to my parents' church for their Trunk or Treat. I was anxious to go to Anna's preschool for their Trunk and Treat, but we were just worn out! Well, I was at least.

Logan decided that 12 year olds still deserved candy, so his friends Evan and Jacob came along, too, for a while and then wanted to be on their own. It was the PERFECT weather for Trick or Treating. Brandon ended up finding a buddy and his dad and they went to a few houses before he packed up his stuff for a sleep over.
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