Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brandon's Concert

Brandon had his Christmas Concert last night. What a hoot! We were in the nosebleed seats waaaayyyyyyy far away. Too hard to get pictures and Anna was pretty wiggly anyway. 250 second and third graders sang and did a wonderful job! Poor Brandon...for the opening 2 songs, the kids had a light to hold. Brandon was in charge of a student that I see in Special Ed and Brandon couldn't not get his own light to work and the other boys broke. The show went on, though. IT was cute. I LOVE hearing children sing together.

ON A SIDE NOTE.....Logan was chosen along with his buddy, Teddy, and another boy to sing the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song on Friday. This will be in front of the ENTIRE school. I don't even think that Logan is nervous. My boys have such a gift of voice to share and they enjoy it. Way to go Logan!

Music Added

My friend Robin asked if I could add music to our yahoo group that we have set up for our China Travel Mates. I don't think I can do that (anyone know???), but I did create a playlist below. If you find it annoying, sorry. I will turn off the automatic play after Christmas. I just thought it was too cute to open up and here Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter reading scripture from the bible. He has 3 daughters that they adopted from China. Also on the playlist is Third Day's Christmas song. A man from that Christian Band also adopted a daughter from China. Geoff Moore is on the list, too. He is also a Christian singer that has adopted 2 daughters into their family from China. How wonderful it is that these Christian music artists have welcomed adoption into their homes.

And don't forget that this is the time of year where we remember that Joseph adopted Jesus willingly into his family, too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas at Grandma's

Saturday we went to my Grandma's for Christmas. It is only 30 minutes away, but the weather was quite nasty on the way home. TOOOOOO much snow. We all had fun and piled quite a lot of people in my Grandma's house. We got to meet our little cousin Jackson, who is just 9 months old and he is just sooo stinkin cute.
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Glasses going well!

Well, the glasses seem to be going well. NO problems yet and Anna seems to tolerate them. Today when I picked her up from preschool, they were filthy. It looked like glue on them, but since they didn't use glue, it must have been milk. She used to only want them on a couple hours at a time, but now she leaves them on most of the day. Of course, she has found out that she can't cry with them on. Too many tears all over them! And we all know how dramatic crying can get when we are almost 4 years old!

CNY is coming!

Saw this posted on APC about Chinese New Year. It will be here soon! I love preparing my CNY stuff for the boys' schools. Last year I continued the tradition at Brandon's school, but didn't do anything at Logan's. Last month his school was studying Ancient Chinese History and I went in and talked about our China trip...not the adoption stuff....just China in general, showed a slideshow and talked about CNY.

Not sure these will all work still. From the FCC NY CNY resources 2007
CNY coloring pages & info sites









Saturday, December 08, 2007

Making A List...Checking it Twice!

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Talk about a hip Santa! He knew all about MP3 players, Nintendos, Hannah Montanna...you name it! Logan felt a bit old this year to be on Santa's lap, but gladly did it for his sister's benefit. I think he enjoyed it anyway! Brandon was a little embarrassed when Santa ask if he had been good or naughty. Santa told Brandon he had better shape up if he wants him to bring him anything. It was so funny. Anna was a little shy, but she marched right up there first thing before the boys and told Santa that she wanted a guitar and wanted to be in a rock band. TOO FUNNY!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Anna and her new glasses!

Anna was very excited today when the eye dr. called and said that her glasses were ready to be picked up. She smiled and smiled after putting them on. We went outside and she said "Look at the ground, Mommy! It's going uphill!" Not sure if that is a good thing or bad.

The glasses are Disney Princess ones...Cinderella and are light blue, although you can't see a lot of the color on them most of the time. Then she talked about things in the car, as if she had never seen them before. So, we will see how the day goes today. They gave Anna a cute little pink Disney Princess Purse and she was sooo excited! She looks like a big girl! The woman had her write her name and identify colors, etc. tl see how the astigmatism was. One eye is a 3 and one is a 3.25 for the astigmatism. I think those go in negative numbers and start out at a .25 increment, so Anna's is a pretty good size astigmatism. Her vision, however, wasn't too bad at all. She passed her preschool eye exam, which is a hoot! All this is so new to me since I am 36 and have never had any eye issues.

Anna has the tiniest head,so it was a challenge finding glasses. She was just a step up from the infant ones. She is the 3rd girl in our China travel group out of 10 to get glasses!