Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello from Florida

I am here on Marco Island for the 4th November in a row with Michelle and Robin (2 of the mommies that went to China when we wentto adopt our girls). Heidi stayed home again this year. Her hubby had a bad fall at home while building their new house. He broke numerous bones in one of his legs/feet a few days before we left. We missed her again this year.

We did our typical beach things, lots of shopping and also eating yummy good food. We had less beach time this year since Hurricane Ida caused some weather related issues. Darn it. Today it was quite a bit cooler and we have had a ton of wind at times. So, no beach today. We did enjoy a day in the condo watching MaMa Mia, the rest of Twilight and making chocolate chip cookies. Good and very lazy day!

It was a great week! I head back home Friday night.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our little friend

We adore Justin and each year I try to take pictures. I didn't do as good of a job this year. Lighting just didn't seem right, but Justin is so cute, so......

More Halloween Fun

Anna dressed up as a witch this year, Justin as a Lion, Logan as a Robber (who did NOT do any trick or Treating) and Brandon was a Monster Rocker or something like that. The day started with a photo shoot with Justin. We also went to our church in the afternoon for Trunk or Treat. Barry took Anna and Justin and Brandon around the neighborhood and also to our parents' church to their Trunk or Treat. I stayed around the house to pass out candy. OH MY....our new neighborhood had a TON of people out and about trick or Treating. There were cars and people and kids everywhere.

Halloween cookie time






Just doing some yard work at my parents' house last weekend
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