Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day


Santa navigated his way to our new house and WHEW that was a relief. Anna was pretty worried! The kids are enjoying their new electronics and toys. Anna got the CUTEST little pink video camera from Santa that he found on the DELL website on sale for $30. It is the BEST thing ever. She is having a blast with it and the quality is very good. It is the size of a cell phone. Logan also got a video camera that is small. It is a HD Kodak zi8 or something like that. Brandon is enjoying his new digital camera, but I am not enjoying it flash in my face constantly. They are all enjoying being off of school and just doing whatever.
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Christmas with Barry's family





We went to the Schmidt's on Christmas Eve as usual. A delicious seafood lunch was had by all and then we hung out and opened gifts, etc. That night we went to their church service.
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Christmas at the Sid's


We had a nice dinner and visiting with my parents, my Grandma and my sister and her family.
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Just in Case


I sent this collage out with our Christmas cards this year. Sadly, I am STILL sending out cards. I also had some returned. Anna help me this year and I guess I missed that she didn't put postage on a couple. LOL!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Heading to Disney!

Barry got an itch to head back to Disney with the kids. I was a bit shocked. We talked to Logan about the trip first. He had to be willing to miss school and do homework there. He takes Geometry as an 8th grader and it is a 10th grade course. I wanted to make sure that he would be able to be gone from school. We have a day and a half to do homework before we leave, so that will help. Good idea to leave on a Sunday. We will need to rent a wheelchair for Logan to ride in some while we are there. His feet just can't walk very far. We had a stroller for Anna three years ago and this time we will have a wheelchair. No big deal. You just do what you have to.

Anna is literally bouncing off the walls about the trip. I thought that telling her 5 weeks away would be I am not so sure that a day away would have been better! Poor Mrs. Warren at school!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Christmas fun!

We had Chrismtas at my Grandma's on Saturday. There was about 28 people in her house. Brandon and Anna finally got to visit Santa, too. We had dinner, games and then we went to see the lights at the park. There are a ton there! Today my parents treated all of their Grandkids to swimming and food at the pool about 35 min away. The kids all had fun and I am sure it will be a quiet night around our house. They are all really tired from the swimming and waterslide, etc!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My cutie pie




I am really missing my gal around the house these days. She is perfectly fine at school, but she would be perfectly fine at home with me, too. I miss her throughout the day because we have been attached at the hip for many years. I look forward to the weekends when she is home. She has already asked if we can have a "Girl day" over Christmas break. I recently took Brandon Christmas shopping for a day and out to Panera for a bagel and then he picked Roadhouse for lunch. It is nice to have one on one time with each kid.
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Ready for the snow




The kids were excited on Monday morning to see the first dusting of snow.
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

We have been quite busy preparing for the Christmas season. We have been decorating up at storm here. It is fun decorating a new house and today we finished with our real tree.

This past week Brandon had his program at school. He was Charlie Brown for part of it. Logan will have his school program this Thursday and the kids all their church program today at 4. It is always nice seeing them all sing. They did a great job. We take little Justin on Wednesdays to church and he does such a fantastic job! We will finish up with programs next Sunday when the kids are all in the Cantata at church and they will sing two or three songs.

oh and I think Anna must miss me taking pics of her, as she was quite the little posing gal!


We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at Barry's sister's house 2 hours away. The adults played games and visited and the kids all had fun playing together.
On Saturday we had Thanksgiving at my parents' house. It was a beautiful day out so the kids were able to play outside with their cousins and Grandpa Joe trying out the twins' gift we got them.



Barry and I went to Chicago for his work trip. I spent the days buried in a book and shopping. I met up with our friend, Erin, from Show Choir in High School. Barry and I went out one evening for dinner and celebrated our 17th anniversary. The other night we went out with his Credit Union people. It was a nice get away. While we were gone, my parents kept the kids one night at our house and one night at theirs. Barry's parents helped out, too. Unfortunately, while we were gone, the vanity sink on Logan's side of the upstairs bathroom had an issue and flooded. Thank GOODNESS my parents stayed at our house. If they hadn't, I cannot EVEN begin to imagine the where the flood would have reached! The kitchen, laundry room and probably the basement! YIKES.

Everything is all put back together now. YUK.
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Catching up



It was fun visiting Anna and Brandon's classrooms for Parent Day! Anna's class did a little Thanksgiving skit. Anna was a little Indian girl and her big line throughout the play was "SHHH! SHHHH! SHHHH!"

Brandon had prepared a neat little page to make me all teary eyed about what he was thankful for. Cute.
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