Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anna stuff





Anna had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, so I chaperoned! I had a pretty good group of kids, but one boy really made me work! Yesterday was Halloween Craft Day in Anna's room so my mom and I went to help. Fun Day.
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Marco Countdown


My gal pals and I leave for Marco Island next Saturday. I cannot wait!!!!!!It has been 90 degrees in Florida there, so we wil be baking in the sun shortly.
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Whew! What a whirlwind of a couple weeks here. We are finally over the whole Influenza A/h1n1 stuff here! Brandon had gotten sick on our trip, but then mended quickly. Then Logan got it. He was a mess, then Brandon got worse and then Anna. The boys ended up on breathing treatments and tons of other meds. Anna had the Influenza A, too, but fared the best. She had the high fever, but she was put on Tamiflu right away and got better pretty quickly. Logan missed 7 days of school and was just aweful! Barry and I were basically fine since we took the Tamiflu. I started coughing a lot, but that stuff really works!

So, my time was spent with sick kids, a ton of dr. appointments and not really good sleep for 2 weeks. Because I am really crazy, I decided that I couldn't stand the ugly floral wallpaper any longer in the entry, dining and butler pantry. It was just bad and I had had enough. So, Brandon and I started ripping it off. it was a terrible job, but I couldn't complain since I did it! Plus, I knew that all of the sore fingers, sore back, etc. would soooo be worth it! Brandon and Anna helped as they felt good here and there and Logan did not. He was miserable and was being a teenager anyway, so......
Barry couldn't believed I started on this project, but I was stuck at home with sickies, so I thought it would be a good distraction and a great time to do it. Barry helped a ton, as he decided it would be nice to speed the project along. It took me peeling and ripping off the paper and trimming some. Barry painted last weekend and it looks great! The den is still a mess and ready to be painted, etc. now! It feels so much better with all of the flowers gone. The rooms look so much bigger, better and cleaning looking without all that distraction.

I will removing border and painting the laundry room sometime and the main level bathroom will be painted in January and the wallpaper border removed,too! BUSY!

We made Halloween cookies a couple days ago. I got a little bitty camera that I have been trying out, so it was fun to try to use!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trip to the Smoky Mountains

We had a great trip to the Smoky Mountains from Friday until Tuesday with my parents. We got a lot of rain and the boys got sick, but it didn't spoil the trip. We had some good moments of weather and we were able to head to the mountains to see the beautiful trees. The pictures don't do the scenery justice. You have to see it for yourself. We rented a quaint little cabin in Cosby, TN and we travelled into Gatlinburg to do a few fun things like the Aquarium, Ripley's Mirror Maze and Ripley's Museum during the rainy times. The kids loved those. I enjoyed the aquarium, but could have done without the others. The mountains and the trees and leaves were just beautiful. The kids enjoyed having their grandparents along and we all had a good time. As for the sickness....well, Brandon is fine now and Logan is pretty darn sick. I am not sure what is ahead with him, but I hope he mends quickly!

So...scroll down to see a million pictures for now.I think there is about 7 posts of pictures. I can never figure out how to add a bunch in one time.



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pics from the Smoky Mountains




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Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend fun

Had a busy weekend here. Logan and I had to sell pumpkins at ACE for Show Choir. We froze! It was sooo cold and soooo windy! We didn't sell very many pumpkins!

Saturday night my parents and my sis and hubby and their kids all came over for pizza.

The boys are always busy outside with their rip sticks or whatever those things are.
Hey..they are actually playing TOGETHER at times these days.

Barry left for a work trip and I spent the day Sunday ripping off the wallpaper in the den. I SHOULD be doing the ugly dining room paper, but decided to do the den. Afterall, I can CLOSe the door and not see the mess.