Friday, July 31, 2009

More Fun

Angi (my Sister-in-law) and others took some shots yesterday.


Went to Pensacola to the Naval Airspace Museum with our kids, Nolan and Barry's Dad.
Barry's mom has been sick the whole time here and is going to the dr. today. We are celebrating their 50th Anniversary here and she has not felt well at all.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still here and lovin' it!

As school approaches on the 17th for 4 of us this year, I am just sooooo glad we have this vacation. I am not ready for school to start. The kids and I feel like Summer has just started. Between Logan's surgery, packing and moving, my sister's wedding, etc, we are NOT ready at all for summer to end. There were so many other things we wanted to do. Logan just wasn't up to most of them.

Anyway....back to the beach here.....we are having a great time. I can't even remember if it is Wednesday or Thursday, so that is a good sign, right? Having the 2 sides of the house is perfect. The night before last, Barry, Larry, Angi, Kaitlyn and Jason and Logan went on a fishing boat. Would have been great but we got a torrential storm here. It was really something. Luckily they were on the bay adn it wasn't as bad. They didn't get enough food for dinner, though.

Yesterday we hung out at the beach and pool a lot. Some went body surfing and the waves were really something after the storm. Rough waters overall here. Jellyfish were spotted and they started the jellyfish graveyard. They had fun catching them and touching them. Anna had fun be buried in sand. One picture shows her standing up and only a head sticking out!

As usual I am taking a TON of pictures!

In the afternoon we headed four miles down to THE FORT Morgan.It was interesting. AND HOT! Oh my...the humidity was soooo bad. Larry is holding up ok in it all.

Barry apparently lost at cribbage to his dad last night.

Logan is hanging in there pretty good. He is walking a lot on the beach and his feet haven't stopped him from taking a flashlight on the crab hunts! He is 13 and he doesnt want to hang out with the younger ones and the older ones are 17, 18 and the then there is the newlyweds. It is nice that he is hanging out with the older cousins, though. They are such good kids and get along great.

Today we are taking the kids, Larry, and Nolan to Pensacola Airmuseum. We could use a day out of the sun.

Monday, July 27, 2009


We left for the Fort Morgan/Gulf Shores early Saturday. ALL 17 of the Schmidt clan. We stopped at the Birmingham area for a night. We went to a minor league game (except for Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt). Sunday we got up slowly and headed down to the Gulf area, got groceries and headed for the house. We rented both size of a huge house. There is 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths on each side. Each side even has an empty bedroom that we aren't using. We are having a blast. Anna and Faith are getting so dark...even with SPF sunscreen of 50!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kitchen and Living Room

Had to post the pics of the rooms that my friends decorated this weekend. Robin's friends want proof of what she worked so hard doing at my house! Thanks, gals! It sure was fun getting kicked out of my rooms and giving you money to spend! LOL! This past weekend gave me the itch to get rid of the entry wallpaper and dining room. Not sure if I will have a dining room table, but I am really wanting to lessen the "busy" look of those areas. I am just not a big fan of floral wallpaper and it will improve the look of the house without it all.

Today I was working on my sunroom, but spent most of the day gathering items up for our upcoming vacation to Alabama!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Fun!




I found a fire pit on clearance at Target, so Barry and the kids put it together yesterday and we cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows on it. Then we fixed S'Mores! YUM! It was quite chilly out, but oh so beautiful for July!

Today we went to church. We took Justin to sing for VBS week and then he stayed at our house for a while. The kids played outside a lot. We grilled out and ate a yummy lunch. Justin loved every bite of it, especially the corn on the cob!
sooo many fish!

Tonight we went fishing at my parents' house. The fish were practically jumping on the poles. We used meal worms and the fish just ate them up! The kids enjoyed catching
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great week!

Always fun visiting with some of our China Travel group friends. Robin and Kailee arrived on Wednesday and on Friday Michelle, Heidi and Christie came. All the girls had a blast playing. Robin and I went to Hobby Lobby twice and did some good damage there in the 80% off aisles. Then on Friday Michelle and Robin went back with a plan to get stuff for my kitchen and more for the living room. They literally kicked me out and redecorated. The rooms look great. I will take pictures tomorrow.

Back to the girls....Myah, Anna, Carly, Kailee and Karli B had fun running around our house all day. We were supposed to swim, but it was cold out so we just stayed home all day. What a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few updates, pics

Anna and I went exploring our yard while Barry was mowing the other day. Some pretty flowers here. Anna has started that 5 year old odd pose for things. She cracks me up.




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Wall at my moms with the kids' height. The new brown board is for Paul and Julie's 4 boys.


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Anna with my mom and her cousin, Jackson

My cousin Kyle

Just some various.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

My sister's wedding

My sister got married this past weekend. Logan sang in the wedding, Brandon was an usher, Anna was the flower girl and Barry and I read scriptures. It was a nice wedding. They had a reception at the church annex. It was nice seeing many people I hadn't seen in a long time. Julie's husband has 5 kids, so our kids have new cousins now.

I took a gazillion pictures and so did some others. I took a ton of Anna because she was the cutest flower girl. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

An Apple for the Teacher

Last spring I was asked to fill a maternity leave position for 6-8 weeks this coming Fall and I said no. I really didn't want to work each day. Two days or three was what I had in mind. Well, now it is only 6 weeks and the last day would be Sept 25. This is in the Special Ed classroom that I have subbed in forever. My degree is in Special Ed, but I was used to more severe children, so an LD type class is a lot different. The last time I took a sub job in there for a "leave" I had 18-21 kids throughout the day and it was a little crazy keeping track of kids, schedules, etc. Right now there is only 4 on my roster and a few more could be staffed in. When I don't have students in the Special Ed room I will be testing kids from the regular rooms as part of this new RTI thing that they are doing. That stands for Response to Intervention. Basically that means that kids who were tested and did not meet the Special Ed criteria can now have help in their trouble areas.

This builing is now a Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade building. The awesome part is that Anna is in this building. Definately a deciding factor.

I report to duty on August 17 and can still go to school with Anna on the 18th as part of her kindergarten orientation.

Just had to share this news.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yep, We are here!

Sooo much to catch up on here!!!!

It has been a while, but we are here. We have moved into our new house and we are getting settled in and unpacking. Things are actually great in the unpacking department. I was very organized...yeah for me....for a change. We moved some things over like the kitchen the week before when we were painting and taking off wallpaper in teh boys' rooms. That really helped. The kids' rooms all look great. My friends all helped with the boys' rooms....thank you sooo much for all the wallpaper removal. The rooms look great. The boys are enjoying their extra and much needed space. They are so happy to have their own rooms, own closets and dressers for the first time in a few years!

At the last minute, I called our contractor guy that had done work for our other house and his crew all painted. We just couldn't do it. Our family and friends helped do the furniture placement and some unpacking and decorating and on moving day by 4pm, we had a great looking place. They put things just where they needed to be, made up beds and WOW...that help soooo much! We are enjoying our new place!

Barry had a little...ok...BIG bicycle accident right before we moved. About 3 weeks ago. He was VERY banged up and had to really take it easy to let his ribs and head heal. We feel lucky that it wasn't worse. Did he have his helmet on? NOPE! Will he now???? YOU BET! He still has a little bit of a black eye.

Logan....still progressing with the feet. He is walking fairly well. He goes to Physical Therapy 3 times a week. Still a long way to go, but he walks less like Frankenstein and a duck. No wheelchair! YEAH! He wears his high tops in the house and everywhere. Those will look great on the beach in a few weeks in Gulf Shores!

My sister is getting married this weekend so we are all gearing up for that. I feel like summer is just now starting and I know it will be sad when it is over. The thought of sending Anna off to kindergarten....sigh.........

Pictures from Patriotic Sunday when we all dressed up for church. No Logan again...I am gonna get that boy in pictures soon! I also added Anna's new room. It is so cute! The border,wallpaper and striped paint were from the previous owner, but it is ok for now. Brandon's room turned out great, too. We still need to put up decorations and we need a headboard. It is hard to tell, but the kids' rooms are all so big! They aren't used to that!