Monday, November 27, 2006

Anna pics!

One thing for sure...we always get great hand me downs from Faith. Most of you know that Barry's sister also has a daughter, who is 5, from China. Anna is almost 3 now and we get lots of goodies from Faith's closet. While we were waiting for our referral for Anna, we received a picture of Faith in this same outfit. I thought it would be fitting to take a picture of Anna in it, too! Cute. Luckily, Anna plays along most of the time with her mother's love of picture taking! It is hard to catch her some days sitting still long enough for a picture. Thank goodness for the digital rebel!

Cutie Pie!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Schmidt Happenings!

Not too much happening here since I got home from Marco Island! I came home on Monday and within 2 hours of hopping off that plane, I had Anna at the doctor with a throat infection. She would not eat or drink much for days, but did come out of it by Thursday. The doctor was thrilled that Anna had gained weight! She is up to 26 pounds and 36.5 inches. Such a tall one. I was able to go to the parent visitation day at Brandon's school and then on Friday, Brandon was sick, too. He had way too much energy over the weekend, but did have the same type of infection as Anna. It was weird. I am just hoping that Logan stays healthy and does not get it at all!

We found out that Barry's dad has lung cancer and we are just trying to figure out what all that means and what type of treatment and surgery will be necessary.

Tomorrow Barry and I will celebrate our 14th Anniversary. Hard to believe. We have actually been together since I was 15 years old in 1987 and we got married in 1992!

Trip to Marco Island

No..... this is not me up there!Michelle and Heidi decided to parasail!

I had a wonderful trip to Marco Island with some wonderful gals that also have daughters from China and used our Lifelink agency. We had a great time relaxing, eating good food and shopping a little bit, too. It was so peaceful there! Thanks to Michelle's parents for letting us stay there! It was such a heavenly place! Here is a link from our trip to a photoshow that I made.
I came home to a wonderfully clean house, flowers and cards from the kids and Barry and......sick kids!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Anna and her Antics again!

She really does get into everything! Yesterday it was the chocolate cake after breakfast. And as you can see, clothing is still not an option for her. She got it off the counter and dug right in. She also wanted to pop her own popcorn again, but Daddy stopped her. My boys just never got into stuff like her! She is such a busy little bee these days. She has learned to say "Sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to do it". The first time she said that it was so cute. Now...not so much. She is constantly into something and often tells on herself. She will say "Look what I did NOW, mom!" She talks nonstop and will tell me when she is in big trouble or when the boys are, too. She is a real hoot.

Oh...I leave Wed-Monday for Marco Island with some of the mom's in our China travel group and also another mom that used Lifelink Adoptions. We cannot wait. I have NEVER left Anna overnight, so let's pray that it goes well for Daddy. The boys will be fine, but Daddy will have to help with church, homework, laundry and everything! I CAN't Wait! Florida here we come!