Saturday, January 31, 2009

Four Years ago today.....

I got a very special phone call saying that Jin Yan Yi was waiting for us in China. All the Social Worker from Lifelink knew at this time was that she was born 2-17-04, so she was 11.5 months at the time and that she was from Guiping City, Guangxi, China. A couple days later we received the following 3 pictures of Anna and named her Anna YanYi Schmidt. It was such an exciting day. I knew that the call was coming and Robin had already gotten her call. The other 9 families in our travel group got their very important call that day, too. Oh my...the kids have all changed soooo much! Brandon was in kindergarten at that time and Logan was in 3rd grade. And now I will be sending my BABY off to kindergarten in the Fall! Sigh.....

I remember shaking and crying as calmly as I could as I wrote down the information from the social worker, Andrea Johnson. I took a picture of me talking with the remote control and I actually set up the video camera, too. I was prepared! I immediately called Barry, of course, who was at work!



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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More CNY



Last night we went to China King for supper and to visit with Justin. Anna wanted to wear the Chinese outfit that Justin's Grandma sent her from China. Today I taught a CNY unit in Brandon's 4th Grade room. The kids were so good and seemed to enjoy it and the craft rotation. Tomorrow Anna's friend, Jessica, (also from Guangxi) is coming over to enjoy the morning of CNY crafts and fun with us.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Snow Time




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Snow Time!





FINALLY some snow to play in! You can still see the grass peeking through in parts, but Anna was excited to be able to get out her snow pants and play with Logan outside. Brandon was at the movies and missed the fun here.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hanging out





Got an email today wondering if I was alive since I wasn't blogging. Explained all that below in the last post anyway.Anna was helping a lot today fold laundry and do dishes. She is such a big helper.
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House for sale??? Sick kiddo! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

We aren't officially for sale, but could be! We cleaned the house up a filled a few gazillion giant black garbage bags and came to terms with the fact that we would like a bigger house in our school district. We desperately need to get an additional bedroom. It has never seemed practical to put a teen in the den off the kitchen either. This house is perfect for a family of 4, but 5 gets tougher.

We really liked one house, but didn't not make an offer since houses on either side have had water in them. It was just a couple years old and seemed perfect. We do wonder if one a little bigger would be better, though. Of course, the boys practically had their names engraved on the doors already!

Our house is not officially on the market YET, but one family did come and look at it, so who knows. Odd story...our realtor lives 3 houses down and her son is looking for a house. So,if he REALLY wants to live by his mom, then maybe we wil get an offer. This is a crazy game we started to play and we are only in Round one. The good news is that the house is spotless and hasn't been this clean and cleaned out in years. Anyone want to buy a 3 bedroom house with a den and sunroom with 2600 square feet?

We did find another perfect house, but since it has a pending sale, we have to have ours sold before we will even get to look at it.

Where is Spring?? I really can't complain at all. We have hardly had any snow. Not really even enough to go sledding or even shovel. Just a little here and there. We have had our share of ice on our new driveway, though! School was cancelled one day because of the cold, but NOT snow.

Brandon is home sick with STREP again. He had 2 rounds of antibiotics for it in November. He was supposed to be in the school Spelling Bee today and is also missing another fun event tonight and doesn't even seem to care, so you know he is sick!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 has arrived!



Anna and her cousin Faith thought they would have a slumber party, but Anna couldn't settle down and ended up sleeping on a bed on the floor in our room.

Nolan and Brandon are only 5 months apart, so they have a lot of fun playing.


Our New Year's Eve was fun in that we got to see the Hamby's for a few hours. We always spend New Year's Eve at their house, but since they moved to Iowa, that wasn't going to happen this year. They were in town for a visit and stopped by. We were hoping they could spend all night, but they had to move on to their family gathering.

Last weekend we went to Barry's sister's house. They built a new house and we hadn't seen it yet. We had a wonderful time and ate way too much, as usual. The cousins enjoyed destroying the toy room and the adults visited and played shuffleboard. Fun time.

This week it was back to the reality of school, etc. I have been subbing this week in music in the afternoons at Brandon's school. It hasn't been too bad, but after 4 days, I will be ready to retire back to homelife. Having to sing and play piano isn't so bad, but having 65 at a time in a chorus room is starting to wear on me!
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