Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Schmidt's

We had Easter Sunday at the Schmidt's and we were able to get outside for a little while for an egg hunt with the girls.







Feeling blessed with the kids. Even Logan humored me with taking pics on Sunday.
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Monday, April 25, 2011



Coloring Easter Eggs is a must!
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Brandon goes to big party





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Brandon got to get all dressed up to go to his girlfriend's RED CARPET 12th Birthday party. I took pictures for the party. He had a blast and was voted best dressed male and his girlfriend was voted best dressed female, cooincidentally! LOL!

Brandon turns 12!



Brandon will turn 12 on the 30th and he had some friends over for a NACHO FEST. They all created this FEST and thought of what we would fix. There had been a lot of rain, but thank goodness all of the boys were able to be outside. Only one boy spent the night, so that helped, too.

Brandon's final concert






We are finishing up the final year at Brandon's school. He has had a great 3 years, although having a sub during the last bit of this year has been challenging. His teacher had a baby and the sub that he has can be rather difficult.

We will miss his chorus teacher and unfortunately she will retire before seeing Anna through her 3 years at that school. The boys both enjoyed her so much and she has such great dedication to her job and love for music and sharing it with her students. The final program was a great as all the others.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter at mom's

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It turned out to be a beautiful day at my parent's house. The kids were able to play with their cousins and go fishing, fly kites and have an Easter Egg Hunt.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!


Logan turned 15 years old today. Hard to believe! He is growing up to be such a neat and talented young man! He stands just under 6 Feet tall now. WOW.....he will get his Driver's permit this week!
We celebrated both boys' birthdays with a cake today at my mom's house when we had our Easter gathering there. Brandon will be 12 on April 30th!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

6 years with Anna

Hard to believe the 6 years has passed since the very first day we met Anna. What a blessing she is in all our our lives. What a beautiful, thoughtful, creative and loving daughter we have.

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Hollywood March 2-7, 2011

The Show Choir and also the girls Show Choir went to Hollywood and I got to go, too. I subbed extra days this year to pay for my trip. I really didn't want Logan to go all that way without a parent there. It was an utterly exhausting trip. Not a lot of sleep each night. Many things were planned every day to keep the kids out of trouble. We went to Warner Brothers Studio and got to see many places where shows we watch are filmed. We were lucky enough to see Clint Eastwood directing an upcoming film, "J Edgar". It was a rare day to see Eastwood filming there according to our guide. Leonardo DiCaprio was also there filming the movie with Armie Hammer. We got to see a scene where they were watching a horse race or something. One of the best things was getting to see and stand it houses used on GILMORE GIRLS. Kept thinking about Christine there. It was soooo neat!

We spent an afternoon at Universal City Walk and Bucca Di Beppo for dinner. The kids all did an I-fly thing, which was like sky diving. Logan loved that. I didn't see LJ a lot during the trip, but when I did, I had to snap some pictures. He is growing up too fast!

We went to a Hockey Game...a very COLD hockey game. I really thought I could wear flip flops and capris. NOPE.

One of the highlights of the trip was taking a boat to Catalina Island. I felt sooo sick going to the Island, as did many of the kids who were vomiting in the bathrooms. Major motion sickness. I never got sick, but I could not get my head off the table where I was. I felt fine once we got off the island and could walk around. It was gorgeous. What a beatiful place. I just wish Barry had been there to share it with. The trip was not the same without him. :(

We went to THE IMPROV Comedy Club. I have never laughed sooo hard. We had the entire place to ourselves.We had over 100 kids and probably more than 100 parents, etc with us. We all ate dinner and during it the kids could go up and tell jokes or whatever. NEVER give show choir kids a microphone! They had so much fun. Probably more fun than when the actual comedians came on to do their skits. The comedians were hilarious. Language was a bit colorful and could have been a TON cleaner. I really thought the teacher or our school principal was going to stop the show and tell the comedians to clean it up. GREAT evening!

The FAME COMPETITION was on Saturday. We had a great time watching. There were some really good groups, but I had a feeling we would win. There was one group that was a bit disturbing and we were hoping they would not beat us. FUN DAY. We got Grand Champion, best combo and maybe some other awards. Our girls group got first runner up. They did an awesome job!

The last day we went to Disneyland. It was a fun day with the Bowlings, but I missed the kids. Much smaller place than Disneyworld. I still need to upload the Disneyland pics off my small camera.

All in all it was a fun trip. Logan had a blast and made lifelong memories.

Because the group placed in the top three, they get a free ride to the Nationals in Indanapolis. Can't wait!!!

Fame Competition Hollywood 2011

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