Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brother and Sister Bond

Logan and Anna get along so well. They have a very different relationship than Logan does with Brandon or Brandon does with Anna. There is 8 years between them and Logan is very good with Anna. She really looks up to him and misses him when he is gone. Logan has had a very busy summer and he has spent a lot of time at friends houses or at 2-3 hour camps here and there. It is also getting harder to get Logan off the computers, electronics or books long enough to spend time with his family. These two rarely have arguments and Logan enjoys reading books to her and playing.

Logan insists that he needs to find a woman to marry someday that will adopt a girl from China. I think that is so neat, but I also tell him that it is my hope and prayer that in the future the woman in the People's Republic Of China will not have to give up their daughter's in many of the Provinces and that the one child policy and the urge to have boys will not be so strong. He then went on to say that any country to adopt from will be a neat thing to do. I am so glad that he realizes that it does not matter how children come to families...whether by birth or adoption. Logan can still be quite the stinker around here with an attitude, but we see glimpses of a really neat young man.

Brandon and Anna are 5 years apart and play well sometimes. At other times, I hear the squealing or screeching too often. She takes his toys, destroys his toys, but they can get along pretty good at times, too. Logan has been at Zoo Crew for 2 weeks from 9-12, so the two little ones have had a lot of time playing in the sun room.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Just having fun!

I am just trying out some new software today that Shutterfly has.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Boy's 3rd Annual Trip with my parents


This year's Summer trip took the boys and my parents to Kentucky Lake. They went through Metropolis and saw the Superman Statues and the Superman Store. They enjoyed an evening at the Kentucky Opry and also a Drive-In Movie Theater. They ate at the Catfish Kitchen, enjoyed camping and had a SPLASH of a time at the beach.Click on the collage to enlarge it.
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Anna's weekend


The boys went on their Annual Summer Trip with my parents this weekend. This year they went to Kentucky and they had a great time. Anna and I missed the boys, but enjoyed our one-on-one time with each other. We went to Bloomington to meet up with Carly and Michelle and Amy and Maggie at the zoo. We also went out to lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. She and I also shopped until we dropped. Anna actually wanted to go shopping and was so good all day.Sunday we went to the pool and Anna and Daddy swam while Mommy soaked up some sun.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend Photoshow

Here is a show with a bunch of pics from our weekend. Click on Fun time with friends

What a fun few days!

We have had so much fun here since Thursday. Kailee, Robin and Jasan came from Iowa to stay until Saturday afternoon. Kailee was from Anna's Orphanage and the girls had a great time playing. It was fun having Robin here and showing her our town. We went to my favorite Chinese Restaurant and she got to meet Anna's buddy Justin and his family. The kids had fun playing there.

On Friday, two more families came to swim at the pool with us. Carly and Myah are also from Anna's Orphanage and we all travelled together to China. So, 4 of the 10 girls were together. On Saturday, We went to the Miller's house to visit. Kailee's family slept there and Heidi's family (Karli) also came to visit and have a cook out with us. Little Karli was not in our travel group to China, but we met her family through Lifelink and she lives close to Carly. We all got to know Heidi well when she went to Marco Island with us.

The kids all had fun. The big brothers all get along great and enjoy getting together just as much as everyone else. All in all, a wonderful few days of visiting with everyone!




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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Had a good time doing the snappers and sparklers and then the fireworks last night on the 3rd! It was a nice, cool night!

Today we had our annual neighborhood parade and luckily the rained stopped. The kids all decorated their bikes and Anna the wagon. I think we had more people than last year! My friend, Ivory, and little Justin joined us,too, so Anna was in heaven having her buddy here. They stayed for lunch and my parents and Grandma and sis came, too. It was a fun day and as I type there are fireworks booming all over the neighborhood and town....plus a little thunder.





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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Surprise Roadtrip!


We told the kids that we were going to church and then off on a surprise roadtrip. They were anxious to see where we were going. Of course, Brandon guess Alabama, Louisiana and many other places that are so far away. We explained that it was only for the day and we had only a picnic packed. After an hour, he saw a sign for New Salem and guessed that. It was a fun day with a few bouts of the grouchies, of course. It was Patriotic Sunday at church so we were all decked out in our RED, WHITE and BLUE today. As always, you can click on the picture to make it larger and easier to see.
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Brandon Pics!




Brandon and I went over to the Lake to try some pictures. I am taking a friends son's Senior Pictures and I need to try out some spots, other than Barry's parents' house. Their house has beautiful landscaping and I recently took pictures of Anna's best little buddy, Justin...he is so cute and she adores him! Anyway, Brandon LOVES it when I take his picture right now...sometimes toooooo much. He is at that age where he has no inhibitions! Logan hates his picture being taken right now. I guess that comes with being 11 instead of 8!
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Brandon pics




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