Sunday, January 06, 2013

My guys

The boys and I did music today at our parents' church and I snapped this picture before going.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Beautiful one morning.

Weber Christmas

Had the Weber clan of 30 here at our house for Christmas. Always fun! A lot of work, too. Lol!

Cinnamon Rolls

My parents and I went down to my Grandmas Weber's to get the scoop on how to make cinnamon rolls. I think I did just fine.

All Red Lights

Logan's band sang at the Lincoln Theater as one of the bands that opened for Icon For Hire.

Tri M

Logan was inducted to the Tri M Society at school. It was based on his singing ability, leadership, character and acedemics. :)

B's haircut/combo

We are ALL thrilled that Brandon got his hair cut short! I love it.

He was asked to be in the high school show choir combo for both groups. He will also still sing/dance for his 7-8th grade show choir. He is gonna be busy! So far he enjoys it. We booked out tickets to NY for the boys' groups for March! Woohoo. Can't wait to see what this can do for Brandon's musical abilities.

Fall Show

The boys had their Fall show in Nov. Logan sang a solo and his friend, Deckard played guitar. Brandon sang in his group and Logan sang in his group and had a solo there, too. Added a shot of Miranda singing her solo (LJs girlfriend).

Anna and Faith

The girls love it when we can get together. Anna loves her cousin!


Logan auditioned for IMEA. His scores were high enough to go to district and state. Did well considering he was pretty ill and never practiced. State is at the end of January for 2.5 days. His girlfriend, Miranda also made it and another guy from show choir. Here is a pic of he and Miranda.

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead show was returning and I decided it would be fun to have a party for the boys. It was grody!


It is weird that I only have one that dresses up for Halloween these days. :( Logan did go to a few friends houses to get candy, of course.

Team work

When my dad needs yard work done these days, we have an army of grandchildren.

Anna dance

ANNA's dance class let them dress up for Halloween. Pretty funny since it is really hard to dance in many costumes. Anna loves ballet and jazz, but he favorite is tap.

No water

The drought caused our Lake to really dry up. We took a walk one day and this is what we found. We walked forever across the lake. It was sad. We did find a zillion fresh water clams and the kids thought it was neat.

My 3