Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy 14th Birthday, Brandon!

Hard to believe that Brandon is 14. It has fine so fast, but honestly, he is so mature this year that he seems 15 and ready to get that permit. I have no hesitations about him driving! He is a great and super kid! We are so very proud of him, his zest for life and he is such a well rounded kid! Happy birthday, bud!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Anna was a cowgirl in her school 3rd grade program. I hated missing the program, but Barry and I were in Chicago for his work.

Anna's eyes have changes again quite a bit, so new glasses were in order.

Logan turns 17/Six Flags

April 17 was Logan's Golden birthday. Happy birthday to a great son. Hard to believe they little boy who was so difficult with his tantrums and fits and lets face it....he was quite a challenging to parent.....has turned into a wonderful young man. We are so proud of him.

Logan was asked by Dwight Jordan ( his choreographer and also ours in high school) to work at Six Flags this summer. He will work in the contemporary country show. Yeeeehaw!! Should be fun to watch. He hd never been a country boy, but he will do great.