Wednesday, July 16, 2014

That's my girl

Also in the fall of 2013, Anna was still creating anything and everything in the sun room. One of her favorites was doing her nails. She literally teaches herself anything!! She is an amazing girl!!

Fall 2013. Lots of apples at Grandma and grandpa Schmidt's. Yum!!! Always fun to go pick. The branches were sooooo heavy!!

School starts 2013


First day of Kindergarten and high school for Logan shown below. Brandon was entering his freshman year here and Anna was off to start at the intermediate School for fourth grade. 

Guiping Reunion

The Guiping Girl Reunion was over Labor Day 2013. All ten girls from our March 2005 travel group to China were there. It is wonderful seeing these young ladies blossom. 

Senior class

School was going to start soon for Logan's senior year, so a visit from the group was in order. Brandon Lane was rooming with Logan at their apartment in Waukegan and was performing at Six Flags as Foghorn part time and also as host part time. A good majority of the senior class was able to visit the guys for the day in July 2013. 

New girl in town

Well, not exactly a new girl in town, but......

Shortly after Logan moved back from Gurnee around Aug 9, 2013, there seemed to be a little spark igniting between he and Maddy Johnston. As I write this almost a year after they began dating, they are still together. What a wonderful young woman. We have watched Madison grow up from a tiny little infant in the Grace Church nursery into a lovely young lady. 

The kids came to sing at a local bar for a karaoke night 

And more summer 2013

More Six Flags from 2013

I'm only an entire year behind on the blog. Life gets busy. We enjoyed many trips in June and July 2013 visiting Logan in Gurnee. It was odd not having him around the house all the time! 

Six Flags