Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finished Sunroom





This Fall we began to transform the sunroom into more of a family room or whatever. A storm in May blew off part of the roof so that had to be replaced and the skylights, which leaked, were taken out. We put in carpet, painted and put up curtains (with the help of my parents) and got some new furniture to help organize it. We used to have wicker in there and crappy flooring and the 6 sliding doors had blue blinds that were in BAD shape from having 3 little ones around here for the last 8 years that we have lived here. The mission style furniture was an EL CHEAPO Target clearance and the cubical things and pantry cabinet were from IKEA. It was nice getting rid of the wicker stuff and we completley gutted the room and got rid of a lot of junk.

Anna is our little tornado and I am hoping that this system will help her learn to clean up her toys better. She loves to play with the dollhouse and kitchen out there and I am hoping she is going to keep the room clean. Her other favorite part that we have always had out there is her dress-up corner. Barry and the boys enjoy playing pool or air hockey on the game table that my parents got the boys a few years ago.It is so nice to finally have it all finished!

The carpet and drapes have really helped keep the room warmer. There is no airconditioning out there, but my dream is to do that someday. It seems expensive and difficult to do and this house is getting small for us. We desperately need 4 bedrooms before the boys kill each other! There is a gas heater, though, and that warms the room up in the winter quickly.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day at Sid's

Christmas Day afternoon we went to my parents' house and my sister and her boyfriend and family came. We had a nice dinner, opened gifts and played.

Christmas Eve and Morn

We went to Barry's parents Christmas Eve morning. His sisters and all the kids came and we had the traditional lobster/crab/shrimp feast. YuM. We stayed all day and went to church. Brandon got UP at 5:58 AM in hopes that SANTA had come. Of course, he did. The boys got to open their gifts THAT early and Anna waited to wake up at 8:00. YEAH. They were all excited. My parents and Grandma came over for brunch that morning.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Saturday the kids were all in a wedding at our parents' church. The pastor was getting married and he asked Logan to be an usher. That led to the other kids being in it, too. In fact, all kids in their church were in it. There ended up being 21 ring bearers and flower girls. They paraded down the aisle and it was very nice. Brandon wore a suit and Anna was to wear a Christmas dress. Logan was to wear black pants and a tie/shirt. My boys had never owned suits before since our church is casual, so they looked quite spiffy! We took some pics before and after. We didn't see Logan much at all, but were told that he did a good job as an usher.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Funny Snowglobe

My friend, Shannon, made a snow globe of her kids, so I did one, too. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog to see the Schmidt kiddos snow globe style.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Programs

Last night we had Logan's Show Choir Christmas Concert. NO pics of that since they didn't turn out. The director kept blocking him. You just never know where to sit! Today the kids all sang during church time and then this afternoon for the entire Christmas Program. It was a hoot, as usual. The kids have a ton of choreography and Anna is a bit young for the group. She is so funny to watch. Very INTO her dancing and quite loud at times. Then other times she is playing with her outfit or something. You just never know what she might do. Logan sang in a little group and it sounded so nice. Brandon had some solo parts and it was so nice to hear him sing. He voice is so much lower than Logan's.
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Friday, December 05, 2008

B-Ray's Program

Brandon's Christmas Program was last night. He was Rudolph in much of the program and had to wear the antlers and blinking light for a nose. He did a great job. He is such a ham! His teacher even commented on his wonderful stage presence. Always smily! At his last school, he was Melton the Snowman and the kids called him Melton forever. Then last year he was a Wolf in the spring and the kids called him Wolfy, so I am pretty sure they will call him Rudolph for a long time now.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Asian tree, lazy day

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon around the fire, playing LIFE (Brandon beat Barry, LJ and I), and decorating trees. Brandon and Anna ran around playing Santa Claus. It was so funny. I doubt Anna will ever have a tummy that big! We decorated the basement tree and Anna put the ornaments on her Asian Tree. I haven't found any new ornaments this year to add to it. Hobby Lobby had some last year and a place in St.Louis had a bunch one year, too. Brandon is still needing to do his soccer tree, too. Hopefully tonight we will decorate the real tree. We have a few trees around here, but I love all the lights and decorations this time of year.
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