Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Done working




My last day of subbing was yesterday. 6 weeks! Wow...I did it. I am ready to rest a bit now and concentrate on the house and unpacking more of the store room and organizing.

Today is picture day and I thought maybe I should snap a couple of Anna before school. You never know how lovely the school ones will turn out! Not sure why we bother buying them anyway. Anna picked out the wild dress. I picked out a nice pink sweater, but she wanted the wild dress.

Brandon got a rip stick and he is outside constantly riding that thing. Yikes...it is quite a thing. Logan has one and has always enjoyed it so we bought Brandon one. He has been so helpful since the beginning of the summer with Logan's surgery, the move, me working, etc. so we rewarded him!
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Soccer season




So far the team hasn't won a game, but Brandon did score a goal last Saturday. He was beaming all day. He played a great game that day!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

still here





We are here...just not much going on.....

Last weekend I attended my 20 year class reunion. YES....I am THAT old! YIKES....it was fun seeing old friends. I haven't been feeling well since then, but I am definately on the mend. Just 2 weeks left of my subbing and then I will be DONE and ready to get a few things done around here. I need to dive into the boxes in the store room and organize, get out warmer clothes and just put more stuff away in this new house!

We spent Labor day doing LABOR. We worked in the yard. Barry's dad helped us with some tree consultation, etc. The yard looks better now that we got rid of limbs, new growth, old dead stuff, etc. We have a pretty yard and we enjoy spending time out there when we can. Life just needs to slow down A LOT to do that more!

Took these pics last weekend in the yard.
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Logan cooks, Anna bathes





Logan is ACTUALLY in a picture! It is rare, but I snapped it while he was making brownies and cleaning up. It was a hoot.

Anna loves my bathtub. I love my bathtub. It is my favorite thing in this house besides the laundry shoot. I could stay in the tub with the jets are forever after a long day!
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