Monday, June 30, 2008 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Anna's surgery is tomorrow afternoon. I am still trying to figure out how to get her up for breakfast and done before is now almost 8:00 and she has yet to pop downstairs with her big morning smile. She can still have clear liquids until 11 am , though. We drive to the hospital by 1:00 and surgery is at 3:00. Say prayers for a speedy recovery and that the Dr. will remove the inguinal hernia with no problems.

4th of July Parade

We finally made our signs for our Annual 4th of July Parade. We have been procrastinating since we are SAD that our neighbors moved. It has been sooooo strange around here without them. We are all just in a funk about it. They had 2 sets of twins and Brandon and Anna did a lot with them. And it was such a blessing to share Motherhood with Christine! The twins were always in the cul de sac playing on their bikes, scooters, etc. It is just strange without them. Christine is such an amazing woman, mom and friend and I miss her! Brandon is finally not in tears as much when Paige and Claire's name is mentioned. He just doesn't even want to go outside as much. I guess you could say we are grieving.

Anyway...we have an annual parade and it is on the 4th at 10:00. We will still be meeting on the Hamby's playground, even though they are gone. We are secretly hoping that they will show up. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun with Nolan

Hot at the Zoo Today

Went to the Museum first since it was raining.
Fun with Cousins

Barry's nephew is here for a few days. Yesterday we swam/got burnt at their Grandparents' pool, so today we headed to the Children's Museum since it was rainy. After our picnic lunch there, we went to the there! Nolan is 9, like Brandon, and is just about 5 months older....and about 5 inches taller! He is a great kid and they get along super! The boys want to go Mini golfing later and also the WALL-E movie that just came out. I am thinking it is too warm for mini golf, though! Maybe Barry will take them! He is working on the golf course today anyway and not in his office.
Nolan is Barry's sister's youngest son. His sister, Faith, is also from China.
Anna was out of sorts when she got up today. She was missing Logan for the first couple of hours terribly. She will be glad when he returns tomorrow. It is just not the same around here while he is at Camp.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Since this whole surgery thing came about, Anna and I are pretty much hooked together until last night when I went to Scout Camp. She has times where she feels absolutely fine and then times where she complains that her stomach hurts. She just isn't her self, though. She doesn't get far from me at all and almost panics at times when she is in the other room and I am not. We have been staying home a lot and look forward to doing more things after surgery next week. Brandon has been going to the Park Program a lot and if he is gone, I can more easily keep her inside and calmer. We were going to give the water table to baby Mason, but it sure is coming in handy right now for Anna to go out and play with it and have fun.
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Fun with Justin

We had Anna's favorite buddy over for some water fun on Monday after Story Time at the Library. Anna is supposed to be more "calm" these days until after her surgery, but since she feels fine, that is literally impossible! She must have had a little too much fun since her hernia was popped out more that night after playing with Justin and going to the Ice Cream Social. So, the next day, she laid flat for most of the day and it went back in more.

The kids had fun in the little baby pool and playing with the water table and water guns. Brandon had fun squirting them with water from the hose and then brought them hot water from inside to warm up their pool.
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The highlight of the night for Logan was getting to shoot this black powder gun. He had to push and push the trigger to get it to go off and then it gave him quite a kick and boy was it loud.
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Scout Camp

Tyler, Logan and Noah

It was family night at Scout Camp, so a couple other mom's rode over with me for the visit. We took the boys SUBWAY and they enjoyed that. It was soooo hot and muggy and buggy on the trails and at the camp. It seems like the boys are having a great time and had plenty of Scout Stories to tell.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Logan is off to Scout Camp, etc.

Logan last year at Scout how he has changed.
It is Scout Camp time again. I will go visit on Wednesday for Family Nite and Logan will return on Saturday. He was getting very excited!

Speaking of excited.....Barry and Brandon left today for a bus trip to Wisc. for a baseball game. Since Anna and I couldn't leave town, my dad and Barry's dad took our tickets and went, too. Should be a fun day. Brandon was WIRED, to say the least! So, it is GIRL DAY today, as Anna calls it. We will be having lunch out at Panera's with my mom and shopping a little, too.

Brandon is hoping to stay busy this week with his cousin, Nolan. He should be arriving mid-week for a few days. The boys are the same age, although Nolan is MANY inches taller.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anna's Surgery.....and the boys' procedure

Quite the week here at the Schmidt House! Logan had some icky dental work yesterday, but came out fine. Then today, the boys had a gazillion warts removed. Brandon was quite the screamer...poor thing. They are both doing fine and are only a little uncomfortable. They are still managing to fight, so they must not be doing toooooo bad! Some of Brandon's are still numb, so it should be REAL fun before too long. I am sure that the pain will be worse tomorrow. They are excited that they can't shower for 48 hours, but that also means NO swimming, which they love. Today we are just hanging out the rest of the day and making cookies, slushies, etc.

Anna and I went out of town today to a Pediatric Urologist/Surgeon. She has an inguinal hernia and it has to be removed. She is scheduled for surgery on July 1, but the doctor doesn't want to wait that long, so they are trying to move things around to get her in soon. She is a real trooper and I am sure she will come out better than I will do while she is in there! LOL. It is outpatient surgery, so that is good. She will be able to go home that night and not sleep at the Hospital. The hospital is 45 min away, so we are praying that nothing goes wrong between now and the surgery. The dr. only sees about 10 cases of girls a year with this problem. It is very common in boys, though.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Poor Sheldon...and Brandon

Brandon spent $20 on this turtle and the container for it in Gulf Shores. I took this picture of Sheldon in our condo while he was spunky and moving. Sheldon made it the 6-7 hours through Alabama, but then it became clear that Sheldon wasn't just sleeping anymore. Poor Brandon. He is so disappointed to have to have a funeral for his little pet. Logan is growing tadpoles and one died while we were gone. Luckily our fish were spared and they are fine.
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We are home now and I need to post some pictures as I can. With our condo rental through Gulf Shores Rentals, we got free things daily.
We got free tickets to The Track, which had games and go-carts, etc. You can imagine Barry's thrill level when he found this out, but I think he had just as much fun as the boys. The last picture is cute. Rare to see Brandon that close to Anna without her screaching. So, there she is sucking her fingers with Brandon ON her lap and favorite blanket and Logan close behind as they watched TV inour room.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Spent morning at the pool today while Dad and Barry went golfing. We didn't feel like getting stung by jellyfish today, but will visit the beach tonight sometime.
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