Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spots, Dots and more!

We have been battling the usual winter ick here at our house with Brandon. He was on antibiotics for about 10 days and then came home from school looking like a spotted frog! His feet were hurting so badly from the bumps on them and the spots just kept getting worse and bigger.At first he looked like he had the Chicken Pox because the spots were smaller, but they kept growing larger and spread quickly. Now we know he is allergic to Cephalexin! After just one dose of the Predisone, the spots on his face were almost gone! Here are some pics of my Spotted Frog!

Anna convinced me one day to braid her hair. Probably won't do that one again. I didn't like it so well and she has a terrible time sitting still!

Things are still busy, busy here. One bathroom is almost finished and the second bath is on hold until the shower becomes available. Barry did a great job on the ceramic tile (with just a little help from our neighbor) and my dad helped him paint and prepare the bathroom for the new vanity and sink, etc. Thanks, Dad!

Logan had his Pinewood Derby last weekend for Scouts. He picked a very simple design this year. He didn't win any awards or anything, but we had a nice afternoon at the race. Logan also went to the eye Doctor today and we had to order new lenses, even though it has only been about 9 months since his first pair. He has been growing like a weed and apparently his eyes are changing, too. No wonder he complained of things being blurry lately.

I think that the kids (AND ME!) are ready for some nicer weather and Spring! It did snow some this week and Logan has enjoyed playing in the snow. We have hopes that Brandon will get healthy soon and have more energy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

We once again spent New Year's Eve at our neighbors house. The kids all played and the adults actually got to play cards! It was a fun evening.

We have had a busy January so far! After 6.5 years, Barry finally agreed to remodeling the hallway bathroom. There is always more that happens when you remodel and things often go wrong. Well, now we are redoing 2 bathrooms! Found a leak and some mold in the walls, sooooo....that led to redoing the master bath, too. At least we still have one fully functioning bathroom that has a shower! The other two will look nice when they are finally done.

And among all of this..... We booked tickets to Disney World for a week! Yeah! We are going!
NO snow here in quite a while. Very unusual!