Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Fun

Barry's niece got married last weekend here in town and we had a blast at the reception and wedding. We stayed over night in the hotel where the reception was. Fun evening.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Camp for Brandon





Brandon went to a little camp about 45 minutes away. I also went to the same camp as a kid. He was only there Thursday 2pm to Saturday 6pm. He had a blast. On the way there he was a nervous Nelly and was a bit hesitant and nervous about the whole thing. When I picked him up, he was flying high. He was asking to come back the next day for a week! His best buddy met us there, so that certainly helped with his mood. Brandon is a really picky eater and I was hoping that this would help him "GET OVER IT" and just eat what is placed in front of you. Nope...he got pretty hungry he said. Oh well. He cannot wait to go back!
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

SOLD! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Got a contract on this house last night. Just in the nick of time. The house we are buying (we call it the BLUE HOUSE) got a FIRM offer and we were then given 24 hours to firm our own offer up. I am just not sure that Barry would have done that given the economy and market. Anyway...our realtor has been a friend of the family since Barry and I were in high school and I grew up with her kids. She also lives here on our cul de sac of five houses. Her son bought this house. Anna went to preschool with their daughter this year and we adore this family. Super great people. They also have a 2 year old son and this house will be perfect for them. It was perfect for us, too, but we felt Logan needed his own space and it was harder this year for the boys to share a room. There are a ton of things about this house and neighborhood that we will miss, but I know it will be loved and we will be able to visit.

Time to get all the inspections passed and start packing. We close June 30!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Here Goosie, Goosie!





I think that this is the last post today.....jeepers...when have I had sooo many! Anna and Brandon have had some fun with all the Grandparents while I was helping at home with Logan. And Barry took them to the zoo on Saturday. They have been so excited to do some fun things. Brandon's highlight was having a bunch of sleepovers at my parents' house. Next week he is wanting to go to Barry's parents to sleep, too. It is nice living in the same town as everyone!
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Outside Fun!

We have been stuck at home because Logan can't really be transported so I am trying to get creative with the things to do like playing outside, table crafts, pla-doh, etc. Anna had fun. Mostly she watered and cleaned our for sale sign!

Mentos Volcano





My nephew, Nolan, is here today. He and Brandon have been trying to come up with a variety of things to do. Brandon got a contraption to somehow attach to a Diet Coke 2 Liter. If you put a mento in the bottom of the 2 Liter and use this contraption, somehow it blows up, so to speak. Every 10 year olds dream! They were thrilled with the result! My boys had done this at church before and it is always exciting!
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Logan is recovering!


It has been such an interesting week with Logan's recovery. The surgery went fine and it seemed to take forever for him to wake up. It was over 2 hours and I was getting impatient. Luckily he was in good hands. When we got to the hospital Stacy was there in the area where he was going. She was the gal I was to go to Korea with when she got her son last year. In the Recovery room, he had a young gal that used to be his babysitter when SHE was 13.

Each hour brings something different. The first two days were aweful. Mostly at night. He was in so much pain. All I could do was hold him from the side of the couch and pray. It was gutwrenching to see him in so much pain. He was questioning "WHY?!?!" he had the surgery and was just shaking in pain. The Vicadin eventually made him vomit after a few days, but the Darvacet seems to be working.

Today is a good day. He has gotten his hair washed and has a friend over to play Ps3. Thank goodness for that, I-pod touch and his cell phone. They are getting him through this. He can now crawl and can also move from the couch to the floor and back. Still no weight on the feet at all and that is hard, no showers, no walking, etc. He has gone outside once in the wheelchair, but that is really something only Barry can help with at this point. I am just not strong enough.

Each day is closer to him walking again, so that is something to look forward to. He has enjoyed the visits, gifts, balloons and cards from everyone.
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Catching Up





Anna graduated from Preschool. She had a nice little ceremony at the Preschool a couple weeks ago. She had a fanstastic year. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful her preschool was and also her teachers, Mrs. Harting and Mrs. Dodwell. They really did some amazing things. I was so pleased with what my boys did at another preschool when they were little, but this place was extra special! I am in awe at the wonderful things they did. She is definately ready for kindergarten. Sigh......
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