Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disney Bound!

Had to add a couple of pictures from our trip 3 years ago. We went the same exact week in 2007. We are hoping for a bit warmer weather this time. We were pretty cold last time. The forecast shows in the 70's, so YEAH!

The kids are bouncing off the walls here! We leave in the morning. Anna insists that we leave NOW! The boys spent all last night doing the homework for next week and hopefully they will finish today. 5th grade and also 8th grade makes for a TON of work. Logan is actually lucking out. He has been able to do some this past week. A lot of Geometry, etc. Brandon has already been in his room doing homework today since 7am. Thank goodness I have been blessed with wonderful independent students in these kids. Anna only has to do a vacation journal each day and she will be exempt from the rest of the kindergarten work! YEAH.....on our way.

On a side note...PLEASE pray for our health. A friend of mine had a daughter having surgery this week, so I picked up her other 3 kids from school and fed them dinner, etc. Their 5 year old daughter became very ill here with diarhhea and vomiting. YUK....I pray this doesn't ruin our vacation! I am so sad about this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camping in basement,Disney, etc




Brandon decided he wanted to camp in the basement today. We'll see if Anna lasts down there for the night. She can never settle down, so I will be surprised if she can make it. It will be good practice for Disney next week. It takes her a good 30 min to settle, fishing singing, etc.

We leave for Disney in just a week! Next Sunday. WOO HOO. We are ALL getting VERY excited! Brandon is a little hesitant about flying again. Luckily we have a direct flight on the way there, so that will help! CAN'T wait!!!
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Thursday, January 07, 2010


NO school today, due to the weather. Got the lovely wake up call at 5:44 from the school's automated system. Barry shoveled some before he left for work, but it quickly needed more shoveling. The boys went outside later on and did more. I guess it is going to blow around all night. Wondering if the kids will have school tomorrow. It was nice having them home today. I was supposed to be sanding the walls in Anna's room and trimming it out. At least the wallpaper is GONE. I didn't like her border, but I didn't mind the back wall's paper, but it is gone now.

So, we have been pretty lazy today. I did take Anna down the street to get a haircut, though.


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