Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We went to Springfield yesterday. We headed to the Zoo first since we had never been there. We had a picnic next and finished up at Sheels. Anna and Brandon rode the ferris wheel there and also bowled 10 frames. It was a fun day.

Show Choir Camp

Brandon attended Show Choir Camps of America for a week. He didn't sleep there, though. He had a blast and is ready to go again. He had a solo in his show and did awesome. He really came out of his shell! Way to go B! He also got numerous phone numbers and is constantly texting Gianna from Wheaton.


Michelle,Robin, and Heidi came for a swim day! Anna spent the night before in Bloomington with Carly. Fun times.


Signed the kids up for free bowling all summer. Can't beat free! My dad came and Julie's boys, Aaron and Andrew also came. Seven of us bowled 2 games that day for only $14....the price of the shoes. My mom watched and cheered everyone on.

Grandma Weber's Birthday

Had our usual gathering for Grandma's
Birthday. The kids did some fishing,too. Grandma has had some trouble with her blood pressure lately and has been in the hospital and living with my parents off and on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anna and Barry

Went to the park one night for a while.