Friday, June 26, 2015

Yesterday was a travel day

Nothing glorious happened here yesterday. We said goodbye to Guiping City, our driver and our guide, Phoebe. We got to the Guilin airport after a 5.5-6 hr drive. Zzzzzzzz mountains escorted us the entire way to Guilin. The last two hours were horrible as the roads were very bumpy and the van was so-so. 

We enjoyed KFC at the Guilin airport. It tastes awesome. We have enjoyed the Chinese food here, but we all agree it is time for Western food. 

Our next flight was delayed quite a bit. We flew from Guilin to Hong Kong and it was an hour flight. 
Boats in he harbor. Hong Kong is a wonderful city. Too bad we can't stay for a visit. We enjoyed 5 days here 10 years ago. Disneyland is only 5 miles away....sniff sniff. I knew we would be too tired and ready to go home, so we will not be visiting. One day would have been nice. 
We never eat McD's at home. We were ready to have some at the airport in Hong Kong. 

Today we fly to  DFW and then to Chicago. We will sleep in Chicago tonight and fly home tomorrow. 

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